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Steam Dev Days: Adding Steamy new Currecies and Inputs

By Doubleplus16-01-2014

So with the first day of Steam Dev Days over, some info has popped up about the Steam Controller and Steam itself.  In a design change for the Steam Controller, Valve has decided to ditch the centre touchpad and instead add 8 new buttons. That's right. 8 buttons. Now, counting the trackpads, the controller now has 16 different inputs. That seems like a lot, but the Xbox 360 controller I use for my PC has ABXY, a  D-Pad, 2 shoulder buttons, 2 triggers, a start and back button, and two joysticks that can be pressed down for another input each. 16 inputs without sacrificing joysticks. So to be honest, in its current state, it doesn't seem like it will be a very good controller. However, it's still in a very developmental stage, so it might improve sometime before release.

Another change coming soon is the ability to buy games on Steam with 12 new currencies, including the Japanese Yen as well as the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand dollars. So now when Australians have to pay 900 DOLLARYDOOS for a new game, they will at least be using their own currency to do so.

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