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Steam Database Was Accurate For Dyad

By Merc06-02-2013

The recently discovered list of hidden games on Steam's database was accurate Dyad but not for Halo. Microsoft confirmed to Eurogamer that they "currently do not have plans to release any 'Halo' titles on Steam," said a Microsoft spokesperson in response to our query". I guess it would have been quite odd to release Halo 3 when it is so dated. But you never know for sure.

Dyad on the other hand was accurate and now there is an impromptu video to go along with the announcement. I think that this video is one of the best announcements ever! Dyad was already released for the PlayStation 3 and will now head to PC in March for mind bending insanity.

So that is the only 'rumored' game that is actually confirmed from the Steam database but hey at least one of them is correct. What are your thoughts on Dyad? Let us know in the comments.


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MS said that its not coming to Steam, not that its not coming to PC!!!!

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The vid is awsome! :D I like the guy! :D