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Steam Controller Action

By Toast27-12-2013

While the anticipation of waiting for Valve's Steampowered machines to be released for everyone next year and with the official public release of SteamOS being available for all to test now, what about the Steam Controller? Well YouTube user, Trial By Game, has been testing out a few games with his very own Steam Controller.

What is he trying out? Well, he's trying out a selection of 4 games that current support it, Rogue Legacy, Typing of The Dead: Overkill, Super Meat Boy and DOTA 2. If you fancy to see him trying out the games with the fancy new controller or by how you can tweak the settings, give the videos a watch. Alternatively, you can watch more videos from the Steam Machine and Controller playlist on his channel .

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And thus the problem with controllers... not very good for certain game types. That being said, I am surprised how fast he managed to click around with the controller. It seems pretty responsive and with some work and improvement to the default profile especially and even the controller itself, it might actually prove that yes, a controller can be used by some people to substitute a mouse/keyboard.

It is a scary prospect though...