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Steam Cloud Expanding

By Bis18marck7015-09-2012

So from all of us, who get on Steam every day to indulge ourselves in the world of fantasy and fiction, who doesn’t like to commemorate the finest moments with the good old screenshots. I mean let’s be honest, we all scream, curse and shout at those that litter our Facebook pages with either emo-inspired or gluttonous inducing Instagram pictures, attention seeking ‘look-I-was-here-that-makes-me-so-important-you-all-need-to-hear-about-it’ check-ins or, my personal favourite, the ‘OMFG Luk@this awezomthing – LIKE,LIKE,LIKE’ status, but when it comes to show how we ride into glorious battle charging down our foes with thunder and lighting, then there will be no limit to how many times we share our alter-ego’s most epic moment.

Valve knows this and has increased the amount of Cloud space each and every one of us has available for screenshots. While nothing has been said officially, a quite jump from 1GB of personal space to 2GB was made. So, my brothers and sisters - get playing and get clicking.

And to commemorate this moment, let us raise our glasses to the most splendid colour of them all: Purple. Here’s to you Oleg – for you have style.


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Woohoo now I can let myself go nuts with all the screens :P