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Stealing Experience

By Bobfish18-10-2013

So, the new Thief. First they dropped the ridiculous Thi4f title because of fan backlash. Then it was a reassurance of narrative depth. And now, it seems, Eidos/Square have listened to our woes again and dropped the experience/levelling system from the upcoming reboot. Their latest blog, which is also surpisingly short, gives some very concise and extremely comforting reasons behind the decision. Yay for brevity.

The best new is that the decision was twofold. As much as the backlash from E3 played a hand in the decision, the development team themselves thought about it sensibly. Rewarding Garrett with XP for killing a bunch of people...how, precisely, does that fit into a game that's all about staying out of sight and nicking stuff? Well, we already knew it doesn't, but now so do they. Seemingly of their own volition. So, what do you think, with everything we've seen so far, even the obvious homage to Dishonored, is there still enough there to pique your interest?

I must confess, the more I hear, the more I like.

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This...makes me happy.