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Stealing Evolution

By Bobfish30-06-2014

You know how Aliens has the Queen? A larger, tougher, generally more badass variant of the standard, already pretty darn terrifying, run of the mill, eat you in the face space nasty? Don't you think it's about time Gene Stealers had the same thing? Well so do Streum On, and they're decided that's what they're bringing to the table in the upcoming, first person, Space Hulk: Deathwing. Not to be confused with the respectable Space Hulk tabletop simulator released last year.

Whatever that thing is, it picked the wrong marines to screw with. Promising four, customisable skill trees, including Psyker abilities, that you can customise to just the way you want them, your squad of Terminators are more than ready to bring glory in the Emperor's name. The only question, is are you up to the task of leading them? Well, there's only one way to find out. Lock and load commander. It's time to purge this abomination from the face of the galaxy.

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