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Status Report from Rust Land

By PeterChi14-01-2014

After selling roughly one gazillion copies of Rust in a month, Facepunch have posted up a status report to let players know some of their more immediate plans with the game. Some of the items on the list address obvious problems like the influx of cheaters that descended onto Rust, while others are a bit more speculative.

With regards to cheaters Facepunch report, "well over 1,000 people have been VAC banned from Rust for cheating". So if you have some names on a "To Kill" list, now's the time to try again.

For those of us who don't want to have to start over every time we log in, Facepunch are also talking about working on implementing more defensive structures or weapons. Whether we'll be getting weapons, armour or just stronger buildings is not detailed, but at least Facepunch recognise that there's a big gap in the games defensive offerings.

"We have a lot of offense...weapons, grenades, explosives. The only defense we have right now are doors and spikey fence. It's obvious that there's a gap here that needs filling. Especially when defending unoccupied homes."

Also up for some reworking at some point are the zombish hordes. According to the post the loot bearing undead with the pretty awful animations were supposed to be removed before Rust's Steam release and it didn't happen on time. It would be interesting to know if they plan to replace the zomboids with something different, or just dispose of them entirely. I find killing and looting the zombies a nice diversion from cowering behind a rock trying to cook a bit of chicken while bullets crack in the distance.

As you can probably tell a lot of the report is speculative and doesn't give any definite future plans away. At least we know they're not just chugging back the champagne. They're chugging champagne whilst considering Rust.

The rest of the report covers Linux & Mac compatibility, hints of player customisation and promises that Facepunch are working on improving Rust's performance for those having framerate issues.

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