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State of the PC Version

By Toast17-07-2013

State of Decay is getting a PC release if you haven't heard already, and finally we've received some details about it from Undead Labs. They told viewers in a livestream from Twitch.tv earlier about what to expect from the upcoming PC release due later this year. You can expect the standard things such as graphic settings with video resolution options, and the promise of an improved frame rate, depending if your rig is up for the challenge of course. Undead were also honest by saying there will be no official mod support for the game, but won't be bothered by people that mod the game, which is a good thing to state. Along those lines they also state that the PC version won't be getting any extra content, so the only extra content will have to be from mod developers, if the game proves to be a success on PC with the mod community that is.

So there you have it, the developers have also said the game will be coming to Steam early access later this year, but one important thing they note is that since it is coming under the early access scheme, the drawback here is because at 'launch' it won't have official keyboard and mouse support, which they'll be adding in once the game exits early access development. So if you wish to try it later on when it becomes available, you might want to grab a windows 360 controller to be able to play it, otherwise you might have a paperweight for the next few months before they finally add in the ol' traditional K+M support.

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'Bout time too. I've been itching to try this