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State of The Old Republic

By NeonAnderson22-03-2013

The release of the first Digital Expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming up soon and will add an entire new planet and a fresh new experience for players to go out and explore. As such, the developers have taken to the official blog to just reflect on how SWTOR is currently doing.

The key things they talk about is how SWTOR almost failed completely and was shut down. They acknowledge the flaws the title had and say they are working hard at continuously bringing new improvements to the game that will make the players happy and keep them having fun on SWTOR.

With the launch of the F2P option, 2 million new accounts have been created and the activity on their servers has jumped up considerably with thousands of new players logging in every day. On top of this, they are going to continue with releasing new content every eight weeks.

They will also keep listening to player feedback but have noticed an increase in positive feedback and decrease in negative remarks about the title. Then based on the feedback on their upcoming Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion, they will adjust to focus on adding and improving upon what players want more of, while fixing the things that players do not like.

The full blog post can be read here.

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I like it, quite a lot actually. I really hope this doesn't fail