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Start expecting the Dragon Age: Inquisition

By drcoolio34513-10-2014

Dragon Age Inquisition has already brought more trailers to YouTube than Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys would bring to a concert, but it's already added three more to the list this month, one about the PC, one about the crafting system, and one about gameplay.

The PC trailer gives a few nice shoutouts to everyone's favorite master race, claiming that "the series has always been at home on PC...And with Inquisition we've kept that legacy." The video is full of the big heads of Dragon Age talking about their experiences with the game so far and how it's shaping up. If you had any fear for the PC release, watch the video above if you haven't already and hopefully it can dispel some of them.

The crafting system trailer, boasting that Inquisition's crafting is the "deepest of the series," shows off some of the new craftable armor, swords, staves, and knives, along with the perks that you can slam onto those weapons by hammering some rocks and trinkets into your weapon of choice. Consumable item crafting will be returning to Inquisition as well too of course, but all the trailer shows off in that department is a jar full of bees.

Crafting weapons and armor is a big step forward for Inquisition, but it's not the only one the trailer bragged about, you can also craft your character more than ever. New hair options, new scars, facial hair, and aesthetic changes aplenty of course, but you can also choose your race again! Human, elf, and dwarf are all playable just like in the original Dragon Age, but for the first time ever in a Dragon Age game, you can also play as the Qunari, hulking giants with horns and effectively the Orcs of the Dragon Age universe.

The other trailer, the gameplay trailer, shows off how good looking Dragon Age Inquisition will be on max settings on PC versions. Yeah. Not much to say, but take a look at those pretty spell effects flying every which way!

Dragon Age Inquisition is a BioWare and EA game, and will be releasing on current generation and last generation PlayStation and Xbox systems, as well as on Windows this upcoming November 18th. Let us know what you're expecting from the Inquisition in the comments section below.

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