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Starship Corporation to be Published by Iceberg

By JcDent03-05-2014

Starship Corporation, to put it bluntly, is a game about designing starships and then managing them while intense space combat happens juuust outside your screen. It seems quite fun. And it‘s a space game, and means there‘s only one way their story could have ended: Iceberg Interactive has signed on to be the publishers of the game.

David Murent, CEO and founder of Coronado Games, was understandably happy about it "I am very happy to announce our partnership with Iceberg Interactive for the marketing and publishing of Starship Corporation. I believe their experience, especially with great space strategy titles, will be a huge boost to the final quality of the game. Their marketing and localization expertise will encourage many more players to take part in the game experience, creating even more game content and more fun for everyone!"

As stated previously, the game is about building ships. You fulfil contracts, hire crews and manage them when various crises arise. As for the space combat, a feature that can make it more interesting is that you will have the opportunity to trade off ships you captured, among other things. Eventually, your goal is to become the most powerful starship corporation in know space.

Kind of like the name of the game, when you think about it.

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