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Starship Corp.

By Bis18marck7009-12-2015

Cut back to April 2013. Yes, 2013. Back then Pixeljudge was just starting out and we had just started producing some content on YouTube to support our work here. One of those early projects was an interview with David Murent, the man behind Starship Corporation. He had just started development of a sci-fi starship building game that had quite some promise too it. Even the early version we played was pretty solid for what it was. Then, a long time of nothing. But David had said as much, a one man show and going along on his own pace.

Now, it's coming back with quite some force. Starship Corporation will be available over Steam Early Access some time Q1 2016. So if you are in to the idea of developing a space ship from the ground up, constructing vital systems and ensuring its competitiveness, this game is worth a look at.

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