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Starship Corp - New Alpha Build

By Bis18marck7008-06-2013

Some of you might have checked out our interview with David Murent, developer of the promising Starship Corporation. If you haven't, then what are you waiting for?

It's been a bit quiet in the last couple of months but David has been working hard to incorporate more of his, and the community's, ideas into his Alpha build. We can find some good additions to the building aspect of the game and the crew management looks very promising indeed with lots of detail.

While not all options are available yet – it is an Alpha after all – the added additions are once again a great step in the right direction, enabling the community to check the new stuff, without overloading them, so that they can provide constructive feedback and help the developer out.

Starship Corporation is slowly but surely coming together. I for one really can't wait to its release and sink in countless hours in which my perfectionist OCD problems will surely finish me off once and for all.

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