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Starpoint Gemini Warlords, Announced for 2015

By elethio26-06-2015

Sixteen years ago Interplay Entertainment created a gaming legend when they released Starfleet Command. Apart from having a great IP to work with, Starfleet Command had a brilliant take on space combat, being RTS and third person, giving you control of just one ship, but also giving you complete control of that ship. Everything from transporter bombs, to complex team maneuvers, where you could tow your allies with tractor beams to fling them at the enemy while they put full power into shields. The game allowed you to explore the neutral zone and beyond gain skills and buy ships and parts as well as influence the most powerful empires in the the Alpha quadrant. This was a Sci Fi addicts dream and a great game.

Interplay rapidly followed Starfleet Command with two sequels but hit an age old marketing problem: “How can we make a successful but complex game more accessible?” the solution they decided on was unfortunately to streamline the sequels, and make them less complex but better looking, and unsurprisingly the series ended in 2002 with a much watered down Starfleet Command III.

All was quiet for four years, with the big developers focussing all their attention on FPSs and only the most successful brands, but in 2006, a small four man indie development team ( of the sort that have totally reinvigorated the industry lately ) from Croatia called Little Green Men Games, decided that this particular genre needed reviving. Not because it was the most successful, not because it would eclipse the gaming industry, but because they enjoyed it, and there was small core of fans who never forgot how much fun Starfleet Command was.

In 2010, LGMG released Starpoint Gemini, a successor to Starfleet Command and a return to the RTS style space exploration/trading/tactical combat game that was otherwise forgotten. Another Four years after that they released their sequel Starpoint Gemini 2, with a much improved engine and graphics and with many requested features from the community.

The Starpoint Gemini series has a lot in common Elite, it gives you a similar freedom to explore and trade and choose which factions you want to get involved with, the biggest difference though is with the combat, although real-time, it can be paused, and there are much deeper tactics involved with managing your ship and its resources, Visually SG2 is stunning, and you will get moments where you just want to stop and take in the scenery.

Now just one year after SG2 was released, and less than a month after the latest free update for SG2, Little Green Men Games have announced the third game in this series: Starpoint Gemini Warlords. the plan is to and they have SGWarlords available on early access by the end of the year, they have also announced the following features:

“Starpoint Gemini Warlords, include gamers having their own faction, their own upgradeable space station and the ability to conquer territory. Other elements that players are familiar with, such as the storyline and a free roam mode will remain, but in general there will be more strategic possibilities. This will all be woven into the game world in Starpoint Gemini Warlords, which will be roughly 8 times the size of that in Starpoint Gemini 2, and we can´t wait to introduce the fans to it!”

On top of this, Little Green Men Games have promised even more fan requested features to appear during development.

SGWarlords will be available on Steam Early Access in Q4 2015. In the meantime keep visiting Pixel Judge for more news, articles, reviews and previews.

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