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By Bobfish19-01-2013

A rather impressive little video (see above) found its way onto the YouTubes a few days ago. How it managed to go so criminally underexposed for the better part of a week is beyond us. So we, your friendly neighbourhood Judges, are here to rectify that oversight forthwit. A most dedicated group of Star/Warcraft fans, calling themselves Wreckin' Krew, have come together in a might meeting of the minds to recreate the entire Warcraft III experience, using the Starcraft 2 assets - Warcraft: A New Dawn. No mean feat indeed. Yet another testament to the dedication that the PC fanbases can, and often do, have to their favoured games. Yet there are still certain, unnamed, developers out there who neglect us and call us pirates. Spread the word people, show all and sundry the vast difference between "hax" and lovingly recreated, and entirely free, third part additions to the games we love. Mods, in gaming terms, are the purest expression of love. And though the video above shows pre-Alpha footage, the sheer volume of content already included is staggering.

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