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Starmod Gemini 2

By Bobfish15-12-2014

If you're a fan of Starpoint Gemini 2 and mods, but have skills (or even if you don't) with the latter, we have something special for you today folks. Little Green Men are running a competition over on the Reddits. Throw out your idea (yes, just an idea) for the best mod imaginable and you could net yourself some rather spiffy goodies. Not only is the game on offer, and not only are some smexeh Starpoint T-shirts waiting to be claimed, but winners can choose which of the two they want. That's...actually a really good idea. More competitions should be like that.

You will needs act most quick (what what?) though. The submission deadline is today. But remember, this isn't about submitting a fully functioning mod, only an idea for a mod. So don't go breaking your back throwing out billions of lines of broken code or, uhm, whatever it is you do to mod things. Just tell them you want a bonus level about a giant space sheep in a tuta with a cigar and a monocole. Or something like that.

Good modding people.

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