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Stardrive II DLC Warping In

By McKaby10-10-2015

Zero Sum Games has announced that after 6 months of Stardrive II we are getting it's first DLC pack, with a lot of new and interesting mechanics packed into it, a lot more than just a regular DLC. We are getting; Sectors, deep space construction, larger galaxies, new quests and events, new technologies to research, new racial traits and two new victory conditions.

Sectors allow for a more in depth start to building up your empire, new exploration targets, wormholes, ancient wreckage, a great way to start carving out your empire.

Deep space construction allows for the building of mines and outposts in distant areas, mine materials from asteroid fields, have an outpost sat at the mouth of a wormhole to keep an eye on traffic in, or even the Jem'Hadar out … Wait, wrong universe.

Larger galaxies, maps can now be as big as 4 times the current size of a Stardrive II maximum large size, so get ready for controlling a massive empire, just don't collapse under the weight of it.

New quests and events that allow for the lore of the Stardrive II universe to come alive, maybe find the outpost of an ancient civilisation that had the biggest coffee machine in the universe (Well, you will need it with the new galaxy size).

New technologies to expand your empire, we don't know what exactly, but I would hedge my bets that there will be more gun, there will always be more gun.

New racial traits to allow better customisation of your species, we have no idea exactly what these will be, but it will be interesting to see humans with psionics (until Alfred Bester shows up.)

New victory conditions, the story and science victories, not sure what the story will be, but the science one does sound like you will need to invest a lot of time into research.

Stardrive II DLC is not currently out, but you can pick up Stardrive II on Steam for £22.99 but if you are quick, there is 50% off until 16th October.

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