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Starcraft II: HotS Collector Edition Details

By SavageOcto19-12-2012

The next installment of Starcraft II is right around the corner. For those who want something to drool over the next few months, Amazon has listed the details of the game’s Collector’s Edition. It comes with a lot of extras, both physical and digital.

The full list of extras on Amazon:

  • Starcraft II Heart Of The Swarm PC/Mac Game
  • Exclusive Behind The Scenes DvD & Blu-Ray 2-Disc Set
  • Collector’s Edition Soundtrack & Heart Of The Swarm Art Book
  • Zerg Rush Mouse Pad
  • Exclusive In-Game Content
  • Starcraft II: Torrasque Ultralisk & Portraits
  • World of Warcraft: Pet Baneling
  • Diablo III: Blade Wings And Banner Sigil

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm is scheduled for release on March 12th, 2013.


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And the price is less that $100?! Blizzard must be struggling with too much money...