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Starbound Will Wipe Out Universe to Add Permadeath

By JcDent15-01-2014

Starbound is sort of like Terraria where you also have a spaceship. Hard to tell! Yet it's still in alpha and that means it's not finished and THAT means - updates. Like the newest one that will add permadeath (and drop-loot-on-death) but...will wipe your saves. Fitting, probably, but annoying. On the other hand, it's promised that the same update has a savegame fix which means no more save wiping.

The list of new content is here (and the list of bugs is on their blog):

-New game modes! Permadeath and drop-everything-on-death modes.
-Revolvers, pulse rifles, hand grenades, shivs, Floran needlers, Floran thorn hammer.
-Human guards now wear soldier uniforms.
-More decorative hats! Yay, hats!
-More random encounters.
-Possibly more content, if it’s finished on time!

The blog says to expect it in a week, so spend it wistfully dreaming about revolvers.

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