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The Old Republic F2P “Features”

By NeonAnderson17-10-2012

You won't like me when I'm angry

BioWare has released the F2P “features” list, or rather the restrictions list, and has posted the full details of which on the official SWTOR website. So how are the restrictions? Having played SWTOR myself since launch, there are a few things I am happy about with the F2P model and a few things that I am not happy with.

First of all, the game will be fully F2P, meaning you do not have to purchase a copy first to be able to play it. Once it becomes F2P sometime in Fall, the game can be downloaded from the official site and then played from start to finish all the way for free, without any level or story content restrictions. Depending on how much each person plays SWTOR they can decide to either subscribe with monthly payments (or pre-paid cards) or simply stay as a F2P player but purchase “Cartel Coins” with real money. These Cartel Coins can then used to purchase a variety of things on the Cartel Market, such as in-game items and game features. Additionally, many of the F2P restrictions can be lifted with Cartel Coins.

As for the actual F2P restrictions, there is a long list of them that can be viewed here but I will just briefly list some of the key ones:

  • Character Creation: The customisation choices will be limited
  • Warzones and Space Missions: Maximum of 3 per week unless a weekly pass is purchased with Cartel Coins
  • Operations: Access completely restricted unless a weekly pass is purchased using Cartel Coins
  • Flashpoints: Full rewards from maximum 3 per week unless a weekly pass is purchased with Cartel Coins
  • Crew Skills: A maximum of 1 crew skill slot – 2 more can be purchased with Cartel Coins
  • Inventory: Can only be expanded using Cartel Coins
  • Items: License purchase using Cartel Coins required to equip most purple items
  • Cargo Hold: Only acquired if purchased with Cartel Coins and can only be expanded using Cartel Coins

All of the F2P restrictions are lifted for as long as players are subscribed, thus the moment you stop your subscription you will have the F2P restrictions again (with the exception to those you have permanently unlocked through Cartel Coin purchases). Additionally, subscribers receive an allotment of Cartel Coins for every month subscribed (this will also apply retroactively to those who have subscribed in the past even!).

Does this F2P model interest you? Will you be playing SWTOR when it becomes F2P? Are you already playing SWTOR now? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Posts: 20

The F2P model doesn't seem to support a large, dedicated community, essentially scaring off anyone who is F2P once they reach level 50 and find they're very limited on what they can do for end-game content.

I think the best thing they could do is focus on cosmetic armor sets. An armor's stats in the game is based off of the mods equipped on it. I played a Jedi Councelor from 10-50 wearing the same set and just changed out the mods. I really liked that about the game. They could make some really cool looking sets only available through the cartel market. It wouldn't give anyone an advantage since they still needed to fill them with mods. While they seem to be doing this, they aren't making it their focus. While I agree they need to make money from this, I think they're going about it the wrong way. I predict that the population will get a spike when the F2P is launched, but will slowly drop back down again to where it's at now as people reach level 50 and leave due to pay requirements.

Posts: 233

Reinstall, finish story, deinstall.

Posts: 241

SWTOR was one of my many attempts to get into MMOs, it didn't work out between us. No really interested in it even if it is going free to play.

Posts: 596

I think they could have made a much better F2P model. I got really excited when I read the first part of it, thus that you can play full story I was like wow nice! Then I kept reading and as I went further and further I got less and less happy with it

Posts: 237

Hmmph... this made not that much interested in the game. Shame.

Posts: 228

Items: License purchase using Cartel Coins required to equip most purple items - Pay 2 Win, here we go!

Posts: 223

SWTOR was my first MMO experience, and I must say after putting it 20 or so hours, I really enjoyed it. Cancelled my subscription though as I didnt really enjoy paying to play on my own. Will definitely reinstall when it's F2P