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Star Wars Mod for Freelancer Gains Popularity

By Mokman13-12-2012

Freeworlds: Tides of War is a mod for Freelancer, the famed open-world roaming space shooter, where every sci-fi geek's wet dream comes true. Yes, fully-featured space battles featuring TIE fighters, X-wings, cruisers, star destroyers and more - which honest star wars fan could say no? Although it has been in beta for most of the year, it recently released a gameplay video featuring fighters scrambling from a carrier into space, showing the progress that has been made in the mod's development.

With the absence of Battlefront 3, it seems that this mod is all we have left of Star Wars space battles. As expected, the mod will support full multiplayer, and is multiplayer only. But most importantly, will it be any good? We won't know until the full release, but judging from the surprising level of polish visible, as well as the support thrown behind it, I cautiously put my chips on "YES". Time to go dig up my old copy of Freelancer again it seems.


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Hmmm I have a copy of Freelancer sitting on my shelf... :P