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Star Wars Consumed by EA

By NeonAnderson07-05-2013

It seems Disney is controlled by the Dark Side as the company has just signed a contract with EA giving them exclusive development and publishing rights to Star Wars games. The news gets worse too.

This development and publishing agreement between EA and Disney is a multi-year exclusive. This means that for the next few years no other company will be making a Star Wars game except EA.

While EA's President Frank Gibeau states "While we don't have any details to share today on specific titles, our development teams are already brimming with design ideas" and "The EA Studios that will develop these games are some of the most innovative and popular creative teams in the world, and include DICE and Visceral, in addition to the BioWare team, which is already developing for the Star Wars franchise." Us, gamers will know very well what this means - Origin exclusive Star Wars game packed full of pre-order goodies and lots of DLC content.

Under this contract, EA will develop and publish new Star Wars games for what they are calling "core gaming audience" across consoles and the PC platform while Disney will still have rights to mobile, social, tablet and online games.

While I have perhaps been very harsh on EA in this news post, I can only hope that I am completely wrong and EA can prove me wrong. So EA, PLEASE prove me wrong so I do not have to press this button.

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Posts: 596

LucasArts DLC never bothered me, as most were stuff you didn't even notice as missing. EA DLC is always in your face and often stuff that seems like they removed from the game before launch.
In addition, EA dlc is always overpriced compared to DLC from most other companies.

Posts: 3290

My point is both make piss poor, blatant money grab, DLC. At least they, somewhat, made up for it with the Jedi Temple and such. That was actually pretty good

Posts: 341

Because skin = lightsaber color, amIright?

Posts: 3290

As opposed to the eight new skins for £6 that LucasArts did?

Posts: 596

@XiDiO "Cant wait for an EA star wars title with DLC such as 3 more colors for your lightsaber, only 4.99!"

And this is why I am so angry that Disney fked Star Wars franchise and gave it to EA... What a shame...

Posts: 228

Maybe DICE just got lazy after the console version? We're not actually playing with the dirty console peasants, right?
Battlefield is great, you heretics, miles above Call of Duty.
(Also, Mass Effect went from Great to Mnyah to TREASON!)

So DICE is the best we can hope for for Battlefront. They'll have an easy time making it a better game than Battlefront 2.

Posts: 1317

I wonder why every developer ever have managed to make multiplayer shooters with hit-registration that is somewhat logical, but Dice have failed time and time again.

Posts: 341

Not to mention how EA has butchered pretty much all their game series.
Dead Space went from Good to Meh to Terrible.
Need for Speed has turned into Burnout.
Battlefield turned into... well CoD.
Sim City went from Great to Awful.
Mass Effect went from Good to Great to Terrible.
Medal of Honor went from Good to Pretty bad.
Crysis went from sandboxy to a linear corridor shooter.

Cant wait for an EA star wars title with DLC such as 3 more colors for your lightsaber, only 4.99!

Posts: 341


No thanks. Poor hitreg/hitbox, game latency issues, buggy physics, "bad luck" and poor graphics/destruction isnt what I want for a new Battlefront 3.

Posts: 37

Yup, Battlefront 3 by DICE would probably be great.