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Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron Mode Trailer

By WskOsc05-08-2015

We were all a little (a lot) disappointed when DICE said there wouldn't be a space battle mode in the new Star Wars Battlefront, today that disappointment can be discarded because even though it's not in space we'll still be getting sweet sweet X-Wing action in the form of Fighter Squadron mode. The above trailer has some gameplay; showing off X-Wings, TIE-Fighters (both TIE/LN and TIE/IN for anyone who cares), Imperial Transports, A-Wings, the Milennium Falcon (complete with Han Solo quotes), and even Slave One battling it out over a volcanic world complete with Imperial gun towers and a bunch of Star Destroyers and what looked like a Corellian Corvette or two overhead.

Stay tuned for more from Gamescom!

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