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Star Citizen... Well You Know

By Mokman26-11-2013

Star Citizen has broken yet another stretch goal. Shocking news, yes, I know. In their inexorable quest to gather all the money within the known universe. It seems that Roberts Space Industries has reached 31 million as of the last count, which now puts it at a staggering status of 'rolling in the deep'. Anyway, as usual, more goodies have been awarded to us in exchange for our life savings, this time in the form of an 'interstellar space yacht'. Yep, you've got me there RSI, just keep throwing names like these at me, and soon you'll have me squeezed dry. I know I sound like I'm being sarcastic - I'm not. Just ask any science fiction geek.

More importantly, with the milestone reached, RSI has stated that they have enough to seriously upgrade the single-player portion of the game, Squadron 42, planning to have the game "opening with an epic battle instead of a training patrol" and to create "missions that seamlessly combine boarding and space combat". Also, a mining ship has been unlocked, eliciting a ragged cheer from the EVE contingent not busy stuck within their virtual world.

As I have mentioned before, it is very likely that the hopes and dreams of many, both developers and gamers, are pinned upon the success of this venture - let us pray that it indeed succeeds. There is a lot at stake here.

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