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Star Citizen - The Final Countdown (UPDATE)

By Bis18marck7019-11-2012

Having reluctantly given in to the pressures of the community when they asked for a Kickstarter option concerning Star Citizen, Chris Roberts must now be rubbing his hands in excitement. While problems with the payment system had stopped him from breaking the record of ‘fastest funded game ever’, he no longer has to worry about that stain in the record books. Indeed, the project has raised, up until now 8 hours before the hammer falls, funds just under a spectacular $5.500.000. In short,

‘Star Citizen is now the highest crowd-funded game project ever.’

With all previous awards tiers long past, a few new ones had to be put in the fray. A new ‘hardcore flight sim controller support’ was added at $4.5 million, along with ships and an all new race. At $5 million, the game unlocked further support and the promise to deliever more monthly updates from Chris Roberts. Yes, indeed, nothing would be more important than hearing of the Messiah himself…

The last award tier has been set to $5.5 million and we will probably blaze past that sometime today. Ever wanted to fly a carrier? Well, with a little luck and some extra funding, the Bengal Carrier is yours. Head over to the official site to discover all the details concerning award tiers and money pledged.

Update: Star Citizen ended up with an astonishing $6,350,391 by crowd funding. With Chris Roberts also recieving investments by big individual donors, the game should have the monetary resources to pull this off. Expected release date is November 2014. Let's hope it was all worth it.

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Posts: 241

$5.5 million... wow, hope they make a great game!

Posts: 240

Well, I can't afford it at the moment, but I hope they still make pledges / pre-orders on their website several months later.