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Star Citizen - The Economist

By JcDent08-07-2013

Star Citizen is looking to be a great game about flying your space ship and blowing people up. However, whether you actually do blow them up or not, or event want to blow people up, will be influenced by the games economy.

In the video, Roberts explains that say a missile factory that needs materials will place a mission for said materials. This mission (or quest) will ripple outwards through the systems at the speed of whatever FTL communication Star Citizens use for texting. People pick up the message, load up with materials and fly to the factory. But say, one of them runs into a pirate and is blown up.

Then the factory can get grumpy and post a mission for mercenaries to take down pirates. Meanwhile, the missile starved system will probably see an increase in missile prices. Or space ship AND missile demand, since both of those things get used up while fighting the pirates.

This will work with a lot different stuff, too. Like a blockaded system setting up missions to deliver goods! Do you want to be a space blockade runner? Hell yeah you do.

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Someone has been paying attention to CCP methinks