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Star Citizen: The Devils In The Details

By BloodyFanGirl01-07-2013

A 24 hour livestream was recently hosted by Cloud Imperium Games for their latest project Star Citizen, an ambitious looking trading sim set in space. Because I know some of you will want to, you can watch the entire stream here. For the rest of you here's a little 9 minute video that explores one of the exquisitely detailed ships, showing the animations that were created in order to bring the 3D model to life as well as a look at all of the tiny details that fit together to make up the whole. Check it out above.

The above video should give you some idea of what the team have been able to do with the $10 million raised from their fund raising campaigns. On top of the livestream and the new website the Star Citizen team have also released a gorgeous trailer made in-engine. Check that out below and be sure to share your thoughts on the game in the comments section.

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Posts: 3290

It...yeah, it would be pretty awesome actually

Posts: 207

I would pay extra for Matrix Support....

Posts: 3290

With ten million dollars, it's going to support the bloomin' Matrix

Posts: 351

It looks very cool, I am hoping to play this game, and does it not also support the Oculus Rift?