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Star Citizen Orbiting Kickstarter

By Bis18marck7019-10-2012

Star Citizen, the very-likely-future Sci-Fi simulator, is now on Kickstarter. Having previously relied on their own website for funding, after reaching the 50% mark of their goal with 21 days to go, the decision has been taken to go ahead and launch the project on Kickstarter. Coming as a surprise as only a few days ago a published FAQ had said Kickstarter would not be used since, well, Roberts Space Industries or more accurately, Chris Roberts, wanted to do things differently, it shall now appear on said funding site.

The decision has been explained by the man himself in a small video. Apparently, the website problems and the fact that only 11.500 of the 40.000 registered members have pledged initiated this turnaround. It does sting, doesn’t it, if people don’t throw their money around just because you happen to be a longtime respected developer. I do however appreciate your display of experimental German tanks - we’re good bro. (I wonder if that was purposefully set there just to please me – I bet it’s all part of some conspiracy)

The Kickstarter community has already procured $130.000 of the envisioned $500.000 for Star Citizen. If they would meet their goal on both sites, a figure of $2.500.000 will be available to them. However, if the initial trend on Kickstarter continues, it’ll break its goal soon.

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