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Star Citizen Hits $25 Million and Hires a Fan

By acharris7729-10-2013

Star Citizen, the space game that does not seem to be leaving the hangar anytime soon, has hit $25 million, a week after hitting $24 million. While the majority of Kickstarter projects would be more than thrilled with this amount, Star Citizen is looking at the next target of $27 million. Chris Roberts reports that with the current target hit, this will allow for more testers in the Alpha testing phase, by as many as 50,000, and gives some details of the next target.

"Even though we've fully funded the base game, every extra dollar helps to make the experience better. The content we talk about in these stretch goals isn't 'feature creep'; it's elements we've been building and planning that will be all that more impressive with additional resources. In essence, you're putting things we've already discussed for the future into development now. The extra funding means we're secure in assigning resources to go ahead and begin developing that richer content we had initially planned to fund through the game's success upon release."

Roberts revealed that a new Banu merchant class ship would be in the update along with new Banu Tech if it reaches the $27 million stretch goal. There is so much interest in Star Citizen that a fan created a video of a night shift on a constellation, a ship that was released in early form to backers. The video, created by youtuber AnythingFPS, amazed the team so much, that Cloud Imperium offered him a job.

Star Citizen community liaison, Wingman spoke about it:

"Constantly we're getting inundated with really, really cool videos that you guys have put together - not just forum feedback questions, but actually taking our assets and making something really, really cool out of it. We've actually reached out to AnythingFPS because we think his work is so good that we wouldn't mind him working for us in a direct manner. So AnythingFPS, if you're watching, you need to answer that HR email that I sent. Because we want you."

Between hiring a fan, and hitting the $25 million stretch goal Star Citizen still has major interest from gamers. Will the game ever stop making money and be released? Please let us know your thoughts below.

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