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Standby for Titanfall

By CameronW04-03-2014

"Believe the Hype" usually doesn't work out in a games favour too often, but I've rarely heard a negative comment on Respawn's FPS about killer mechs and whatnot. All of those floating sentences of praise in the background of this trailer can't be wrong, right? Titanfall does look pretty good though... maybe I'll just get a little more hyped, It can't hurt, right?

Titanfall launches March 14th for the PC and Xbox One, or March 11th for people like me in the states. Yeah, that's right, get jealous. Xbox 360 players will have to wait a couple more weeks as the game launches on March 28th for the EU and 25th for the US. Maybe it's time to launch Origin again.

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Ubisoft have really started something with their Accolades trailers haven't they -.-