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Stand Free and Alone

By Bobfish20-02-2014

No longer content to take second billing to the walking nutsack Edward Kenway, first mate Adewale has branched out from DLC to become a standalone adventurer. Available for the PlayStation 3 and our beloved P for a not at all unreasonable price of £11.99. It clocks in at an estimated 5 hours of content and, though it does cost more than the £7.99 DLC version, it does, of course, not require owning the base game of Black Flag.

To celebrate, the Ubi peoples have uploaded a short demo video of Adewale in action. Clocking in at just short of six minutes, it mostly serves to demonstrate how Adewale differs in terms of his fighting style. He is, so they say, the most physical assassin to date, and thus employs a lot more brute force when dispatching opponents. Pretty brutal at times too akshully. He also has some 'new' missions, like liberating plantations, which aren't really all that new, but are still an interesting, and appropriate, spin on the earlier games' Templar towers.

All in all, it doesn't look too shabby to be honest. Though why its now being made available as a standalone is a bit baffling. Surely the people who most want to play it are those who already own the base game, thus spending the extra few quid would be a bit asinine. It's also curious that Ubisoft opted to leave out the Xboxes, giving them only the DLC version. And, of course, the PC version is coming a week later (February 25th) as bloody always.

But still, it does look decent.

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