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Stalin’s Going to Kick(starter) Some Martian Butt

By acharris7726-11-2013

Ok, this has got to be the strangest Kickstarter project I have heard of for a while. Stalin Vs Martians 3 is going to be some action/strategy hybrid, with inspiration taken from Cannon Fodder and Desert Strike, apparently. Stalin is taking on these aliens in a mech suit, which is similar to the one from Battletech on the SEGA Mega Drive (SEGA Genesis, if American).

All the missions will have a weird factor to them, so the game should be pretty bad, but in a good way. The Kickstarter is looking to get $125,000 raised in 45 days, which will allow the game to go ahead. After one day, there are only five backers and $171, but there is still a way to go yet. This is a follow up to some art installation called Stalin Vs Martians, which was not fully playable. I don't know where number 2 went, but it looks like they skipped it and went straight to 3.

Apparently, there will be mini games instead of just one game, and the soundtrack will come directly from the first Stalin Vs Martians title, as well as all the other features from it. So this project seems to be insane, and whether it will be weird enough to reach its target, I don't know, but it does sound pretty wacky and one to follow the progress on. For more information, head to the Kickstarter site.

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Posts: 1548

Wasn't the first one so bad that it was one of the first games to get removed from steam? On that note I'd really like to get it on steam (the removed one) :P

Posts: 3290

Excited the same way I am when I see two trains racing towards each other on one track

Posts: 1317

Are we really excited for this? The first one was poop.