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SR4 Gameplay Trailer Released

By Mokman09-05-2013

Insanity simulator, Saints Row 4, has exploded onto the gaming scene with the force of a hundred RPGs fired by a badly-dressed President of the Free World. But what exactly is the game like? Well, the madmen at Volition have now released a gameplay trailer that frankly...blows the mind.

An inflator gun? A dub-step gun? A Leader of the Free World dressed in Uncle Sam clothes? Driving a monster truck around? Words fail me. Just watch the video. There's also weapon customization which allows you to totally change the look of any weapon to any object in the game, just to make everything all the more zanier. Also. Aliens. And Mechs. Did I miss out anything? Oh! Yes, and superpowers. Lots of them.

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Posts: 3290

That's the problem with constantly feeling the need to up the ante

Posts: 207

The more I look at this, the less I want to play it...and the more I realise that Saints Row 2 was superior....

Posts: 351

I cannot wait for this game it just looks nuts.

Posts: 233

Still only looks like a DLC

Posts: 3290

I haven't even clicked the video, and I can already say 'ooh sailor'

Posts: 241

This is cool and all, but I kinda wish they continued what they had going on in Saint's Row 2, which IMO was superior to SR3.