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Squeenix and SNK Tried to Sue...Each Other

By Bobfish27-08-2015

Welcome to bizarro world. Where suing someone leaves you open to a counter sue. It's a bit like a counter strike but...actually, it's exactly like a counter strike. Okay, so, basically, SNK Playmore filed suit against Swaure Enix for infringing on their Intellectual Property because of the High Score Girl Manga. Squeenix responded by filing a counter suit to "seek a declaratory judgment that Square Enix did not infringe SNK Playmore's copyright."


Anyway, it has now been announced that the two parties have settled amicably as of the 24th of August. A decision which seems to favour Squeenix as it, effectively, means that their lawsuit, though dropped, had the desired effect of removing the criminal complaint. The p[articulars of the settlement, aimed at alloowing both companies to just get on with making shit, is as follows:

1 )SNK Playmore to withdraw the criminal complaint
2 )Square Enix and SNK Playmore to withdraw civil lawsuits
3 )Square Enix to proceed with the publishing and sales of "HIGH SCORE GIRL."

The full version of the settlement can be found in a .pdf released by Squeenix to clarify the proceedings for those who care. And the rest of us can just carry on scratching our heads wondering what the hell all this was supposed to achieve.

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