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Square Suspect: Answering Riddles With Enigmas

By Bobfish19-02-2013

Remember that cryptic, hardest mystery to solve (I hazard to call it) 'announcement' for Square's new game Murdered: Soul Suspect? Welp, they decided to clear things up by assuring us "The hardest murder to solve is your own." Because it wasn't all confusing enough already. My only real concern though, is will it all live up to the hype? Squeenix haven't exactly been on top form in recent years, so it leaves me sceptical. But hopeful. The premise, what little we know of it (the above suggests you're going to be some kind of ghostie detective, my kid will love that) does have me intrigued. So I'm saying keep a healthy dose of said scepticism, whilst keeping a close eye on this one. It has potential.

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