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Square Sends a Flare to the Cloud

By acharris7707-11-2013

Square Enix have announced that they are releasing a cloud-based gaming service. Project Flare, the streaming service they claim will leverage "Virtual Supercomputers" to minimize latency, while improving in-game performance and presentation.

Comparing Project Flare against the current streaming services like Gaikai, (http://pixeljudge.com/en/news/sony-gaikai-may-deliver-content-to-others/) Square Enix notes that their service offers exponential scalability. This will make it able to deliver richer world detail and "real-time, Hollywood-quality" animation. The trailer released shows Deus Ex: Human Revolution streaming on Project Flare. Final Fantasy XI was also demonstrated, allowing Flare to showcase its multiplayer capabilities and enhanced physics.

Jacob Navok, Square Enix's director of business development, revealed they might set up a new business to support the streaming service. "We're very open right now. We can be our own product, we can offer it to other partners. It's so early now that we don't have a specific way to bring this to consumers just yet." Therefore, it is looking like that 2014 will be the year of the cloud, with all the streaming services available. Let us know your thoughts.


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Sorry to disappoint. Shows potential though

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I saw "Square" and "Cloud" and thought this would be about FF VII.