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Square Enix Trademarks New Deus Ex Title

By Fr33Lanc3r.00727-02-2013

A new trademark has been filed by Square Enix, the first two words of which are incredibly exciting. The phrase Square wishes to trademark simply reads 'Deus Ex: Human Defiance'. Nothing beyond the name is known at this point, other than the classification being for Games, Printed Media, and Entertainment Services, so it's pretty up in the air what this new title is referring to.

In any case, the original Deus Ex game is a cult classic that still holds the number one position on many gamer's top 10's, and the most recent one was reviewed incredibly well here and elseware, so whether it's a game, book, movie or combination thereof, we should be keeping an eye out for an announcement from Square concerning the new trademark.


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Awesome looking forward to the next.

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Let it be good.. let it be good! Please!

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Even Jensen is like "Yesss!" :P