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Square Enix Curtain Call

By acharris7703-09-2013

Well this is a strange news post to write, as all I got to work with is just the one photo and this scan of what looks like a patent register form. Square Enix must be looking to release Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, as either a spinoff or re-lease on some other platforms. Perhaps including the PC, as some of the patents looking at the form includes optical media and game software.

So maybe they are planning on doing audio soundtracks, but at the moment the information is very vague and anything that is said will be total speculation. I am not a big fan of these types of games and I never played the original so I haven't got an opinion either way on this news, but if you are a fan then let us know below what you think.

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Probably. But the patent does list specifics for compuuter game software and providing online computer games, as well as video games. I find it curious that they used the specific term 'computer' games as well as the industry standard video games. It's an unlikely step, but not at all impossible. A Realm Reborn has certainly proven the point, to Squeenix, that the PC is a very large market they6've been neglecting

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My bets are it probably won't even be coming to PC, but what do I know?