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Square Admits Weak Sales of Big Console Titles

By Mokman27-03-2013

Big Console Titles basically indicating Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs and Hitman: Absolution. In lieu of the massive restructuring that Square Enix is currently undergoing, as well as the resignation of the company president Yoichi Wada, the company released result forecast with telling information. Amidst the jargon, there exists a table which is titled "Weak sales of big console titles in NA and EU", naming the three aforementioned games as the primary culprits.

The strangest thing is that Tomb Raider's expected units sold reached approximately 3.4 million units, not including downloads, and yet this was considered weak, a puzzling situation that raises many questions as to what exactly the spending and expectations related to the games were. It is likely that with recent blockbuster sales over the years for videogames, the expectations for sales have burst through the roof, with many companies looking to do "CoD numbers". This then exists as a telling warning, start making games on a budget, you can afford to leave out some aspects as long as you can sustain your company. Otherwise, things are not going to go well.

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@Bobfish: Since they needed more than that to make a profit.....

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Since when is two million units 'poor' sales? o.O

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These are just forecasts. I think its so they don't disappoint shareholders, so they forecast short so that they can then say it sold better than expected and make shareholders happy.