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Squad - A Kickstarter Shooter

By drcoolio34529-05-2015

Squad is an ambitious Kickstarter shooter that's aiming to create a game where teammates have to rely on each other for success, strategize to overcome their enemies, and give a realistic portrayal of modern warfare. They're hoping to forego the typical engines that have been used in the past for, and make a "modern stand-alone engine" that emphasizes combat realism and teamwork.

From the looks of it, Squad looks more like a Battlefield than a Call of Duty with its huge maps, huge team sizes, and vehicles. In addition to all that, building in-game environments can be just as important as destroying them, and Squad is thinking big while claiming to have ideas belonging to "the next decade of gaming."

It's still in Kickstarter mode right now, but the developers claim to have plenty of experience backing them up and the passion to make this game something real. With 28 days to go and only 30 thousand dollars left until their funding goal, it's looking like Squad is in a good position. You can check out Squad's Kickstarter here for those of you who might be interested.

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Had to pledge to this. The fact that they already have a very playable early version running in Unreal Engine 4 pretty much guarantee that we aren't gonna get another "Takedown" on our hands this time.