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Splintop Diary: Devlist

By Bobfish25-05-2013

Well that was a messy title, allow me to translate. A dev-diary explaining how co-op will work in Splinter Cell: Blacklist is now live on the Ubisoft YouTube channel. It tells us...surprisingly little actually. Clocking in at almost three minutes, you'd expect this to be concise and informative. Instead, it devolves into a disjointed stream of consciousness talking more about the aim behind the co-op, as opposed to what it actually ended up being.

There are a few points that sound interesting, like the focus on keeping the players together, but also offering 'experienced' stratergies that will allow players to split up. With one providing overwatch (like being up above and sniping things to distract for example) whilst the other sneaks around and does...other things. But, again, no real details as to what those things could be.

It's also curious that there would be so much emphasis on keeping the players together, then saying you can split up. It comes across, literally, as "you have to stay together, but you can split up!" So...not sure what to make of this one. Give it a watch for yourself and see if you can explain it any better in the comments below.

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Don't get me wrong, I actually really want the game. A lot of what I've seen, even the things most people like, have me extremely excited. And the co-op looks very much like my kind of thing. It's just this video. It doesn't really say anything

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Yeah, I kind of lost interest in the Splinter Cell franchise after the still-born atrocity that was Double-Agent. The first three games were brilliant... then DA comes along and vomits into everyone's porridge. I wish developers would stop trying to innovate for the sake of innovating. Sometimes we actually like a game for what it is, and there's really no need for this desperate attempt to raise the stakes with every iteration. I liked Sam Fisher just fine the way he was. But you broke him. You bastards.

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I realllllly want this game and I am excited for the multiplayer.