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Splinter Cell Blacklist: First Look

By Bis18marck7014-11-2012

Since it first came to us in 2002, the Splinter Cell series has been a success, with every game hitting the top marks. With an emphasis on solid stealth gameplay and a focus on how the player operates in different environments depending on cover, light and gadgets, the franchise could be seen as one of those games that always delivers and meets the expectations of the wider fan base.

The next title down the line, Splinter Cell Blacklist, to be released in the Spring of next year, has just kicked off a new content-providing video series aimed directly at those fans that have been around since the start. This time around, witness Sam sneaking up on his prey before taking him out with some familiar techniques. Stay tuned for more as Ubisoft has announced that new content will be released every week.

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