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By Bobfish11-01-2013

The latest ComDev Q&A video for Ubi's upcoming sixth (main) Splinter Cell: Blacklist has touched on something rather interesting. I'm still uncertain if it's good interesting, bad interesting, or just interesting. There's now going to be an in game 'economy' which, at the end of a mission, will reward you based on actions you make to complete objectives. Such as points for being a "panther" or silent killer, as well as other points for being more brash and forthright in your approach. Splinter Cell, of course, has always had an after action report that ranks you based on how stealthy you were, usually with a percentile tracker. And Conviction had a Persistent Elite Creation system based on complete various challenges (shooting guards in the head, killing without being seen, using gadgets and so on) so this could been seen as a natural progression.

If, as I think they will, they adopt an approach which effectively combines the two, whilst adding the option to unlock, for example, new gadgets for, say, hacking if you stay stealthy, or things like grenade launcher attachments for taking an aggressive approach. I can see this working out quite nicely. The video teases us by saying they will be giving us more concrete details "very soon" but we all know what that can mean. I remember Ubi telling us Conviction would be finished "very soon" for almost two years straight. So watch this space. 'Cause you'll know as soon as we do. In the meantime, sneak your speculation, or blast your ideas all over the comments. How you approach this is up to you. The rewards...will be a higher post count no matter how you do it. Hey, at least we're consistent.

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