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Splint-Op Stealth

By Bobfish12-08-2013

Finally! Something for the fans! A genuine display of the stealth gameplay for the upcoming Blacklist. Actual stealth this time, not just the run over to corner, make noise, shoot dude in the face. Welcome to Ghosting. In co-op no less. Though, be warned, the two chaps (SplinterCell ComDev Zack Cooper and Lead CO-OP Designer Richard Carrillo) do the obligatory co-op derping at the beginning. But after that, it's solid Ghosting.

It flows better than even I thought it would, and I was extremely optimiistic about the game. My previous coverage probably gave that little bias away. So unprofessional of me right? But seriously, it's good enough that it might just swing a few people round. I'd have thought, by now, there was nothing left to get those swing votes. But I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe you will be too.

Check it out.

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Posts: 351

I am sure it will be good, it looks fun, and the multiplayer is back to what I used to like.

Posts: 3290

Yeah, tell me about it. I don't have the luxury of making the choice though. I called the review, so I'm getting Blacklist.

Le sigh.

Fingers crossed for appeal codes

Posts: 351

Well now that y life has become more complicated I have to choose between this game and Saints Row the Fourth. It is a tough decision...