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Splint-op Cell

By Bobfish21-05-2013

Sam Fisher working with a partner? Am I seeing this right? Apparently I am, because that's what Splinter Cell: Blacklist is now boasting. Four modes across fourteen different maps, with a home splitscreen option for those wants to relax on the couch with a friend. It lends a lot more from ConViction, unsurprisingly, than earlier iterations, but I did also see some more teamwork oriented abilities. Like helping each other reach higher points when climbing and a synchronised silent takedown on a catwalk that was quite amusing.

By this point, everyone has already made up their mind about Blacklist. You either, like me, appreciate the blend of old stealth with more visceral, fast paced combat, or you are pining for the more sedate origins. Co-op won't sway you one way or the other I'm sure. But for those still keen on the direction the series has taken, this looks like a lot of fun and a lot more involved than your usual 'kill stuff and hide' tacked on option. But the rest of you should probably avoid it.

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