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Spies vs. Mercs Classic Explained

By MrJenssen01-07-2013

After a short hiatus from the Splinter Cell series, the intensely satisfying Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer mode returns in good shape. It has even split into two different modes, in an attempt to appeal to more casual players, without alienating the hardcore fans. The mode of the day, shown in the trailer above, is SvM Classic. Remaining true to form, SvM Classic pits two spies against two mercenaries, who need to work together in order to complete specific goals in dark, claustrophobic locations, exploiting the weaknesses of their enemies and avoiding becoming prey to their own.

Though the trailer won't do much to the hardcore fans who know how it works, it's a nice introduction to newcomers, who haven't yet had the privilege of enjoying such a tense, adrenaline fuelled mode before. It's not often that a small multiplayer mode makes the pricetag of a full AAA-game complete with a singleplayer story campaign and a bunch of other things. But Spies vs. Mercs, according to most fans, is worth the tag alone.

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