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Spend Lots of Money on NFS DLC

By Leigh Cobb27-02-2013

Do you like spending money? Do you also like spending money on content which some might argue could be offered for free? Do you like racing games? Well step right up and purchase EA's new Deluxe DLC Bundle for Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

The bundle contains three packs of DLC (which you also have the option to purchase individually), they are:

Terminal Velocity, which adds a new location (Hughes International Airport), new cars and new multiplayer milestones and speedlists. Available for £11.99 on its own. The next is Movie Legends, which adds five iconic movie cars as well as singleplayer events and multiplayer milestones. This one's available for £7.99 standalone. Finally, Heroes, allows you to "take a trip down memory lane" with five new cars, new races and more. Heroes sells for £7.99 by itself.

Or, you can choose to purchase all three DLC packs for £19.99, which is only £5's short of Need for Speed: Most Wanted itself, selling for £24.99 on Origin. Seriously? £19.99 (almost the cost of the game itself) for DLC which, while adding a lot, doesn't include near enough to warrant that price.

You can view the full rundown of what is included in this DLC here, and work out what will be best for you.

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