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Spellforce 2 Finally Comes to an End

By Azeebo17-01-2014

Spellforce is a long running, much loved RPG/RTS Hybrid whereby you play as a Shaikan, or in a more common term "dragon born", although not quite. Your avatar has the blood of a dragon, which is a pretty big deal as you might imagine, and it is down to you and a rag tag band of followers to save the world.

Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars was released all the way back in 2006, and was praised for its unique blend of gameplay and stylised graphics. It got its first expansion in 2007 by the name of Dragon Storm which continued the saga. However, for 5 long years the series was dead. Faith In Destiny hit us in 2012 to mixed reactions, and now finally, Nordic Games have released the final installment in the form of Demons of the Past in which they have stated:

"We responded to the feedback we received when we released SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny, so that the issues that players experienced in that game are not reflected in Demons of the Past."

Demons of the Past continues and finishes the story that began in Faith in Destiny, and ties up all the loose ends over a sprawling 25 hour campaign. The package also contains co-op, Skirmish, Domination and Survival modes giving you plenty of content to play through.

With the venerable saga finally over, Nordic Games are finally going to give us a sequel in Spellforce 3, although when this will be released has yet to be announced. Demons of the Past is available on Steam and can be purchased as a boxed version for all you old timers who have yet to jump on the electronic band wagon.

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