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SpellForce 2’s End Postponed

By JcDent14-10-2013

SpellForce 2 is a strange, not very popular (because of its age) mongrel of RTS and RPG. Even stranger is that people are still making content for it. Demons of the Past was supposed to be the last add on and be released this month (purportedly 3rd game is also in the works).

Well, now Nordic went up and said that the add-on is postponed till January 16th. All because they decided not to release single player and multiplayer parts separately. Instead they opted for the complete package. The game will have free play mode, which apparently means the ability to play the campaign with other people. And a survival mode with distinct objectives and rules will be added. There's also talk of adding 5 new maps, bringing the total to 8.

Anyways, any of you have any experience with SpellForce? I played it once, more than 6 years ago...

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