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Spec Co-Op: The Line

By StuntmanLT21-08-2012

Spec Ops: The Line, the highly over-looked third person shooter is adding a free co-op mode to the game. According to 2K Games the update should be already available to everyone who owns the game.

The cooperative bonus content in Spec Ops: The Line features a series of objective-based cooperative multiplayer scenarios set in Dubai after a series of cataclysmic sandstorms have wrecked the city. It includes four fast-paced missions, each with its own unique objectives, environments and playable characters. The two players must work together to fight through waves of enemies and blinding sandstorms to complete their objectives, emphasizing teamwork and utilizing a variety of weapons and explosives.

Does this convince you to finally give it a try? Share your comments below.


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Posts: 241

Woah, free DLC after launch, not 'unlocked' from a game you already own?! Madness.

Posts: 596

Hmm nice post-launch support I must say! It's pretty unusual for a game to launch, get their sales and then actually have the devs stick with the game and add such big features to it like co-op for free! I will try the demo on Steam asap now! :)

Posts: 1548

Hey Endzville add me on Steam. We can play it together.
You should play more as it just gets better and better. This is one seriously overlooked game.
P.S. I'm doing a review for it.

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That's quite cool. What convinced me to buy it during the Summer Sale was how the developers talked about their different approach to the game when compared to other shooters. From what I understand the gameplay is as fairly generic as other TPS' but the story, characters and tone overall is much more mature. The moral decisions sound particularly interesting. Read an interview where one developer mentioned a scene in which you have to protect someone from being torn apart by angry civilians but he reckoned that most people will simply open fire on them when you can actually just scare them off by shooting in the air. Also quite liked that it's based between Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now because they're amazing (although in knowing so it also kind of ruins the ending I imagine). But, yes, I haven't actually played it yet. Completed the first chapter but it's one of several games I'm waiting to play until I get my new monitor. Still, looking forward to it. From what I hear it sounds like it holds back no punches. Hopefully this co-op's quite good.